testimonials1“Their business acumen and savvy combines with the leadership and ‘get-it-done’ mentality in a way that produces results and respect.”
— Tom Fraser, Principal and Director, Omega Financial


”I can very confidently recommend their work to anyone considering their areas of expertise for leadership on many types of development projects..”
— Lee Orr, President at Rio International Property Company


…” persistent with their greatest strength being their follow through. I enjoyed working with them and find them to be people of integrity.”
— Clifton Orme, President & COO – CIMA International Hospital Corporation


…”highly professional commercial real estate executives with a dedication to detail and realistic results.”
— Donnie Snyder, Executive Director at DTS


…”extremely pleased with John’s performance. ”
— Rex Crim, Managing Director, SCS Capital Group, LLC


“They have a broad understanding of the various sectors of real estate and especially the entire continuum of healthcare”
— Arden Bennett, Vice President of Operations at Hospital Reimbursement Services, LLC


“Their work is always results-oriented and John has outstanding negotiation skills.”
— Fabiola Soler, Managing Parter at Costa Rica Global Law Inc.


“They have an in-depth knowledge of the financial and regulatory issues healthcare providers face, and are extremely creative when structuring solutions for their clients.”
— Sean Wilson, Director of Healthcare Design at The Beck Group