Development by its very nature is all about the team. Bridgeview has assembled some of the most experienced and accomplished professionals in the seniors housing and commercial real estate sectors in the nation. Development has often been described as bringing order to a naturally chaotic event. Literally hundreds of details are required to bring in a quality project in-budget and on-schedule. This cannot be accomplished without the best-of-the best industry experts in their respective fields working as a team. The “senior developer’s” role is to select the right team members to get the job done, then oversee the process.


Bridgeview’s team brings over 100 years of collective experience to the table in virtually all product types across the nation and internationally. Experience and a collaborative approach to the process has brought proven protocols, systems and processes to our projects, investors and clients alike. Accountability is defined as “the quality or state of being accountableespecially:  an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.


Bridgeview demands accountability from its team members and consultants alike. It’s simple: “say what you’ll do and do what you say.This has to be balanced with flexibility, defined as “susceptible of modification or adaptation.The key is holding people accountable, but balancing that with an ability to be adaptable in an ever changing environment.


Finally, accountability and adaptability are meaningless without integrity: “adherence to moral and ethical principles: soundness of moral character and honesty.”


“They have a broad understanding of the various sectors of real estate and especially the entire continuum of healthcare”

— Arden Bennett, Vice President of Operations at Hospital Reimbursement Services, LLC


Bridgeview has brought a team together that has long-term experience with one another, experience in the industry and a high respect for one another. Most importantly, we are united in the principals of accountability, flexibility and integrity.


Collectively, the Bridgeview team has successfully developed, financed and delivered over $3 Billion in commercial real estate in the last 30 years. Twenty years ago, John Lanier, Bridgeview’s senior manager became enamored with the healthcare industry and began focusing exclusively in this industry. His decision wasn’t solely to become an expert in this field, but more importantly he possessed a passion to improve the quality of life of our nation’s most vulnerable population….our parents and our grandparents. Since that time, John and his team have delivered or facilitated the financing of over $350 Million of skilled nursing, independent-living, assisted, special needs (or Memory Care), specialty hospitals, acute care hospitals and medical office buildings.


It is evident to us all that our aging population is growing at an unprecedented pace. In fact, the percentage of elderly people in our nation who are no longer able to care for themselves alone is forecast to quadruple by 2050. The increasing need to meet this demand far exceeds the current or projected supply….but it’s not just the numbers that demand immediate attention to this industry, it’s meeting the demand in an environment that dignifies the lifestyle of its residents at a time that should truly reflect a “golden” experience. Bridgeview must look at this product as real estate, as we are fiduciaries for our investor partners and clients, but we believe to be a financially successful venture, all we have to do is focus as our priority not “who” we care for but “how” we care for them. This is their home…it’s not just another real estate deal.


Bridgeview Development Group acts as fee developers, investors and principal owners of their communities.


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“They have an in-depth knowledge of the financial and regulatory issues healthcare providers face, and are extremely creative when structuring solutions for their clients.”

— Sean Wilson, Director of Healthcare Design at The Beck Group



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“Their business acumen and savvy combines with the leadership and ‘get-it-done’ mentality in a way that produces results and respect.”

— Tom Fraser, Principal and Director, Omega Financial